Write Now Prompt for July 3, 2018

Here’s a really good community for writers to just express their thoughts.
If for any reason I write, it’s to relieve the numerous thoughts in my head.
Writing doesn’t have to be as tasking as you may think, all you have to do is get your pen and paper and pour out your thoughts. Whatever it is, be it a poem, script, or a short story. What you have on your mind that could impact another, however little or insignificant you may think it is.

“sometimes the only thing you can do about a situation is to think about it”, but now I’d tell you the only thing you have left to do is pick up your pen and pour out that thoughts of yours on a paper.

​​~ Monsieur Sauveur

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Today's Author


At Today’s Author, our first goal is to get you (and us) to write. Write Now is our own collection of prompts to help you do that. With Write Now we’re not talking about writing, or trying to teach anyone how to write. Write Now is all about putting pen to paper.

Today’s Prompt:

It was soon clear that this was no ordinary holiday fireworks show.


How to play along with our Writing Prompts

  1. Write in any format or style you wish: short story, poem, script – whatever you like.
  2. Write for at least 5 minutes. There is no time limit – write for as long as you wish!
  3. Editing is not required, though we do recommend that you run a spell check at least.
  4. Post your work to your blog and include a link back here so your readers can find other writer’s work, too.
  5. Come back here and…

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